Thursday, June 14, 2007

heart shaped tub

Joe and I are discussing what to do for our impending one year anniversary. In a fit of nostalgia for 80s commercials we started talking about heart shaped tubs and champagne towers, and how perhaps a touch of kitsch would be a great way to celebrate our first year of happily wedded bliss. So as we spend this evening researching hotels with the requisite bathing vessels, let me share with you the fruits of our labour. Sadly, at this point, the idea of spending $500+ a night for the experience of a heart shaped tub and a celestial ceiling is seeming less and less realistic.

Exhibit A:
Exhibit B:

Exhibit C: Hilarious Article from The Denver I totally recommend reading all the way through to the end. The FAQs are quite possibly the best part.

And of course, please visit the Pocono's Caesars Resorts main site The virtual tours are wonderful. Then you can take a deep breath, sigh, and mourn the fact that Joe and I will likely not be spending our second honeymoon soaking in a champagne tub at an all inclusive resort with a night show (oh my god, it would be just like Dirty Dancing!!).

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