Monday, March 27, 2006

maybe the girl just needs some boundries

With a deadline, I've been doing pretty damn good. I've started on bag three this week. With four bridesmaids, I can just make one more if I want... but I kind of want one for myself. And I should probably make one for my mom too. And my future mother-in-law. Hmm... I wonder how far my yarn will take me. I might as well use it all up. There's no way there's enough yarn to make anything else worthwhile.

And here is one of the finished pieces, and the one I'm currently working on:

And here is a detail of the cables. It's a nice easy knit, and the cables make it interesting. I can't wait to see how it looks with the beading.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

one down!

I've been working on the best friend bags and I have one knitted up! My plan now is to make...uh... 7 more. I still need to block the first one, but it looks pretty good so far. The yarn is so soft and it knits up really nicely. Because of the ribbing, I don't think the fact that my gauge is off is going to hurt much once it's blocked up.

For a secret santa this year I received the stitch n' bitch knitter's design journal. I haven't done any designing with it so far, though I have designed (well, scarves) in the past. However, I'm hoping it will motivate me to finish more projects, because there's a "Things I've Made" section that I've been using with these projects. Many years from now people will be able to look at my journal and say "wow, amy started a scarf for j in 2002, and finished it in july 2006. impressive."

Saturday, March 11, 2006

a blog begins

Most original title ever. I've taken up knitting again, this time with the goal of actually finishing projects. I have two on my needles now: a sweater for myself ('s Tempting) and purses for my bridesmaids, my mother and myself ('s Best Friend Bags).

My big problem though, is that I lose interest in my projects before I ever finish them. I find something else that I want to knit. I get frustrated that I can't figure something out. My damn gauge isn't right (my current dilemma). I need to get something that I will totally get tomorrow but tomorrow never comes (guess how long it will take me to get the ribbon for Tempting?). Hence, my knitting *is* the neverending story.

Hopefully no one will name it MoonChild.

My gauge swatch that should measure 4 inches that measures 4.5 inches. And I do NOT have smaller needles. I think I'm just going to suck it up and hope that because it's a bag and not a sweater the messed up gauge won't matter in the final product. And you know it totally will... The yarn is 100% baby camel from SchoolProducts, generously donated by my friend C.

The beginnings of Tempting. 100% acrylic (groan, but I have a lot). Now that I've finished the easy part, and "started" a second project, it will be easy to put off the makings of the sleeves (I'm thinking of adding long sleeves. Short sleeve sweaters confuse me) and the shaping of the neckline. This is going to take willpower.

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