Sunday, April 09, 2006

good things come...

to those who knit? Yeah, too corny, I know.

But I'm knitting my fourth! That means even if I stop at the end of this bag all my beautiful bridesmaids will get one. However, I really want to make one for myself as well...and if that's not inspiration enough, I don't know what is.

I want to take a picture of my stupendous progress, but I fear it would just look the same as the pictures I've posted so far. Not doing anything but actual knitting isn't too picture-inspiring.

But soon I promise! After I block (pictures galore!), I'll start beading. A brief trek to Michael's last week scored me some pretty beads to play with for now. I was going to wait until I went to M&J Trimmings to get the beads and the hardware in one swoop, but I can't resist buying shiny new things when they're so close. We all know of course, that shiny objects make the best pictures... then I'll buy the material (or use some pretty material that I own).

It all feels so close! Progress is in sight, and I'm loving it! Maybe this could get addictive...
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