Sunday, February 26, 2012

Could it be? Oscars blogging 2012!

It's time to dust off my poor, neglected blog for my annual Oscars Liveblog! These days I live at my son's blog, so over here isn't getting much action.

First, and I'm just going to get this out of the way, Billy Crystal is not that funny. There, I said it. Throw shoes at me later or something. I used to like him, but I don't think I cracked a smile during his opening thing-a-ma-bob

I missed all the red carpet, but because I was eating dinner with some beautiful friends and forgot the Oscars were tonight altogether. Then I remembered, but the baby had to eat. And the baby can only eat in the pitch dark with a sound machine going. So I'm a bit behind tonight. DId Octavia Spencer make anyone else tear up?

But muppets! So yay! Piggy's hair looks great. And yes, I'm being serious. In hair terms Miss Piggy>Tina Fey.
(February 25, 2012 - Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images North America)

Does the phrase "let's go to the movies" remind anyone else of Annie, or is it just me? As a side note, I hate Sandra Bullock's dress. It just makes me so sad only that two years ago her lips were so red and shiny and her hair was so straight and shiny. Now she looks like she's wearing a pants suit.
Shiny Sandy circa 2010:

I don't know what movies Cirque du Soleil is going to, but I'm glad I'm not there.

Still not funny Billy.

Gwenny looks pretty. One of the few I saw on the red carpet. The nude lip looks good on her.

Chris Rock looks good. Thin, but good. And he's funny. And it's true.
Rango should not win. Neither should Kung Fu Panda 2. But there you go. Rango. Maybe it's super great and I'm judging what I have not seen. But I don't care. Rango?

Oh, it's that girl from that show. I'd watch that.

Love Emma Stone's fluffy dress. J said she looks like a dork, but in a good way. Ben Stiller is kind of a dork too.

Angie stole Sandy B's pretty shiny lips.

This feels anti climatic. Hugo is going to win, but I want Harry Potter to win. Lets just face it, I'm never going to see Hugo in 3D. I'll be lucky if I see it at all. Do you think it will be worth it without the fancy pants effects? This is why I'm planning on never seeing Avatar. And I called it. Hugo.

Ohh. Colin Firth. Just a fly by, but yum.

Yay Muppets! I love Brett McKenzie - I'm so glad he won!

Angie can't talk tonight. She looks good though, and I often am under-impressed with her. A bit too much leg though, no? The dress has some flair, and her hair has good body. And, of course, we all know how I feel about red lips.

Reese! I love Overboard too! Let's hang out! Call me!!!!

Oh! Mila Jovovich in a sparkle sparkle dress. Lots of white out there tonight.

Kristen Wigg looks good tonight. Really working the pretty. She does the awkward so often and so well that's it's nice to see her looking so good.

The Scorsese drinking game joke wasn't that funny until the cut shot of Scorsese cracking up.

Ellie Kemper's dress matches her hair. But it's working for me. I'm a sucker for sparkles.

And now I've caught up with my DVR. Commercials for me I suppose.

How much do I adore that Meryl pulled out her glasses?

Natalie Portman looks precious, doesn't she? The polka dots are adorable.

Is that Jonah Hill's mother? She looks exactly like him, so I hope so, because otherwise that's unfortunate. (Update: I called it!)

I had no horse in the ring (mixed metaphors for the win!) for Best Actor, but the french guy seems cool. I didn't watch any of the movies (Movies. Ha. Who watches those?). Best actress though, I'm kind of rooting for Viola Davis, even though I haven't seen any of these movies either. And have I mentioned how much I love Colin Firth? Okay. I can live with Meryl. She's simply lovely. And she's been nominated a million and one times. Have you seen this? It's hilarious.(side note: And then I read this guys blog for an hour because he's hilarious and was once on Toddlers and Tiaras as a judge)

Every time I hear the words War Horse, all I can think of is the Saturday Night Live skit making fun of it. At least J gets it and we crack up a lot over that. If you want in on our cheesy joke, here:

Tom Cruise looks surprisingly good. I'm so used to disliking him that this is a little disarming.

And the big win is The Artist. Interesting. I'm loving the first nominated silent film since 1923 aspect. I should probably watch it now, right?

Good night and good luck folks! I have a baby to go feed now, then I'll post this. You're probably reading this in sometime 2013, right?

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