Friday, December 28, 2007

Blog Entries From the Past #1: The Amazing Maize Maze

First, please let me apologize for not keeping up with my blog. My... one?... reader must be very disappointed. In November I attempted to write a novel (10,000 words was my grand total, a great distance from my goal of 50,000) and go to graduate school simultaneously. At least I succeeded at one of them! However, I have been sitting on 7 blog entries that I thought would be interesting to write at some point or another. A few of them are irrelevant, and probably won't get written about, but a few I really want to do. So, this feels a little half-assed, but let me present you with #1 in a series: Blog Entries From the Past! So enjoy a photo-blog about my journey through the Amazing Maize Maze!!!
The Amazing Maize Maze

This fall two friends, my loyal husband and I went on a journey like no other. We drove to the edges of this outer borough to the Queens Farm Museum to get lost among the corn.

First, we acclimated ourselves to our new, less-than-urban surroundings by visiting with the animals:

birds of a featherFat Pig- Profilewhat do you want?

Then we got our bearings, left the cuteness of the farm and scoped out our nemisis: the corn

corn and big sky

It was vast, let me assure you.

Our mission was to head through the maze collecting puzzle pieces (which would theoretically help guide us through the maze), answering questions to complete a word scramble and completing the maze in a respectable amount of time. We gathered our supplies and prepared to head into the abyss of corn with a tall flag as our only guide.

And so we begin!

Let me tell you, it's tough out there in the corn. You get a little crazy...

brianna loves the maize!brianna gets dizzy

Well, at least Brianna does.

S and I, the avowed nerds of the group, made everyone answer every question and find every piece of the puzzle.

sabrina finds another part of the puzzle

And so we eventually succeeded, over the bridge and back to Kansas (the maze had a Wizard of Oz theme... I don't get it either). The guy there to validate our time thought we might be a little crazy. Which, well, we were. We're three adults who just completed a corn maze for the sheer joy of it, no children of appropriate corn-maze enjoyment age in sight (though we did try to get a 3 year old on our team. No dice).

Amy's complted mazeguy at the end of the mazesuccess!

Though we did get a little stuck at the word scramble. Luckily, the greatest brains of our time (well, that I know that were in the maze with me) were on it.

brianna, sabrina and joe working hard

Then, at the end of the maze you meet.... the wizard! Which is basically some guy who gives a running commentary of all the excitement at the maze, and exit interviews as people leave:

the wizard

All in all, it was a nice way to spend one a beautiful fall day, and something I would do again. It's the kind of experience you don't think you can get in NYC, and it was nice to be proved wrong on that count. Queens. What can't you do? (Ohhh... a new slogan methinks? Call the borough president, stat!)

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