Tuesday, July 24, 2007

And the verdict is...

"Best year old cake I've ever had"-- Joe

Yes, ladies and gents, eating our wedding cake 364 days later was an amazing experience. We commented that it was a shame that we didn't freeze *all* of the leftover cupcakes so that we could have enjoyed this delicious cake once a month since the wedding, instead of just once, a year later.

We were about to leave for our fun filled anniversary weekend in Vermont when we realized that if we didn't eat the cake now, it would not get eaten. It had already sat in our refrigerator for a week and likely would not truly last the 3 days until our return. It seemed fairly sketchy to eat it at this point, as my previous entry attests to. So, as we had not yet eaten breakfast and were about to leave, I made the executive decision that breakfast would be year old cake. The gauntlet was drawn, our mission was clear, and so I procured two cake forks and a plate and proceeded to unwrap the half eaten cake that had been sitting in various freezers and refrigerators for the past year. Luckily for you, at this point I remembered to take pictures.

Exhibit A: Slightly smushed year old cake

Sitting at the dining room table, forks poised cautiously over the cake, neither of us knew what to expect. Little did we think that the outcome would have ended up so delicious. The cake was so good-- moist and chocolaty and the icing was sweet but not cloying. We were both surprisingly happy that both the cake had been saved and that we were eating it. We gave each other warnings that perhaps we should not eat a lot of the year old cake. It might not agree with my somewhat delicate stomach I mentioned as I ate yet another forkful.

Finally, willpower overcame our cake eating instincts and we discarded the remainder of our wedding cake and headed out on our vacation. Keep tuned in for my next installment:

10 Awesome things about Vermont

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Anonymous said...

B and I ate our cake one year after the wedding and it was delicious. It traveled from Sacketts Harbor, NY to Syracuse, NY and made a cooler ride from Syracuse to Madison, WI. Indeed, it was yummy, but we never finished it. In fact, seven years later, a tiny triangle of wedding cake still appears in the back of our freezer in Milwaukee. We just can't bring ourselves to throw it away. I know, it's a bit supersticious but also sentimental. . . . and kind of gross.

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