Thursday, November 29, 2007

Random Pseudo-Celebrity Sighting

I was getting a snack duirng the break of my class today, and I totally saw one of the contestants from Project Runway. At least I'm pretty sure it was him. He kind of just looked like a guy, but one that I was like... "I know him! OH! It's that guy!" I don't even know which contestant. I'll try to find a picture online and figure out his name! Ah! His name is Jack Mackenroth, 38, and I just spoiled myself searching the internet for a picture (I'm watching the episode now).

This happened to me once before. In 2006, Joe and I were at Brooks Brothers so he could wear a fancy shirt to our wedding. He was paying and I was walking around outside in a light misty rain. All of the sudden this guy walked very precisely up to the window while spinning an umbrella to look at the display, with his entourage following him. I managed to get a good look, and it was Austin Scarlett!

Somehow I never, ever have New York City celebrity sightings by myself. I was literally two feet from Denzel Washington and I just walked right past him, thinking about how annoying it was that all these people were blocking the sidewalk. Luckily the person I was with was a little more observant! Yet somehow put me in the vicinity of a Project Runway contestant and I see nothing else.

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