Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Sorry to Disappoint You

One of my favorite posts that Brianna does is when she has nothing else to write about is when she analyzes how people get to her site via google and other search engines. So, being something of a copycat, I decided to apologize to all the people who are looking for things they're just not finding here at my magical place...

1) I am not a stripper, and I do not know any strippers named Amy.

2) I do not know any strippers in Ithaca. Sorry.

3) I do not know any magical strippers. However, if I find any I will be sure to post about it.

4) I do not know any strippers that will jump out of a cake in NY.

5) I do not know what strippers look at. I'm sure you can picture what a stripper looks like. Use your imagination, don't look at blogs.

6) I do not know of any giant bobby pins in NYC. Sorry.

7) I do not know of any strippers named Amy in Milwaukee.

8) I do not know of any women who strip on the subway in queens.

9) I don't have any real tips to tell you how to drink more beer (with a d?).

and finally, despite the name of this blog,

10) I have no real advice on how to make magical dreams come true.

So guys, especially those in search of a stripper, I'm really sorry to disappoint you. Good luck finding what you need somewhere else.

1 comment:

Brianna said...

seems like you are missing a prime opportunity to make some major bank as a stripper. Give the people what they want Amy.

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