Monday, August 25, 2008

Live blogging the DNC (a not really political commentary)

Note: we were going to watch the convention on CNN, but they have an applause meter, and it annoyed J too much.

9:38pm The commentator (maybe it was David Brooks?) on PBS just called it the Osama campaign, not the Obama campaign. I think I am now going to have to live-blog the DNC.

- Maria Shriver looks like she wants to stop clapping, but can't due to the fact that they flash to her every three seconds. I feel for her. I hate clapping for too long (though I do love clapping rhythmically).

9:45: Interview with Kennedy's alternate delegate in 1980. She can barely hear the questions, and behind her is a girl texting on her blackberry. Let me just note, the delegate from 1980 is wearing an awesome zebra jacket. She's rocking. Much better dressed than the other women being interviewed (her first convention) who looks really uptight.

9:49: Peniel Joseph from Brandeis University is pretty cute. Best looking guy by far on this panel about Ted Kennedy.

10:16: The PBS commentator says mis-ur-a whereas the Senator from Missouri says Miss-ur-e. I wonder which one is right...

10:18: Ah, the PBS commentators took care of it. They said that there are two pronunciations.

10:26: Barak made Michelle date him by buying her ice cream. That's so sweet.

10:28: Michelle Obama's family is very good looking. She looks exactly like her mother too- Barak is a lucky man. She's also an excellent speaker.

10:46: J noticed that Joe Biden has sharks on his tie. Hmm....

10:48: How do all the people that only moments ago had Kennedy signs now have Michelle signs? I wonder how many signs these people have. Hmm... I wonder how sustainable this convention is. Do they recycle these signs? Are they made out of post-consumer materials? What kind of a world is it that America's Next Top Model is "green", but I'm not sure that the DNC is?

10:57: Sasha, Obama's daughter is adorable. She loooooves the microphone.

11:01: We switch to the Daily Show which (as it turns out) doesn't cover the convention until tomorrow. Oh well!

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kajal said...

I wish you would do this more often. I loved the oscars one. And I love this one. I have an idea. How about you do it for 90210!!!

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