Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The death of Reality TV?

For the last few years I've been watching a lot of what TWOP would refer to as "Competitive Reality Shows" rather than "Candid Reality Shows" (The Real World, Real Housewives..., Jon and Kate, etc) or "How To Reality Shows" (Trading Spaces, pretty much everything on Food TV that's not competitive).

I really enjoy watching Project Runway, Top Chef, America's Next Top Model and over the years have been at different times, a little too involved with liking/disliking different "characters" (aka people). However, this season I feel this has slowly been changing. Rather than analyzing every nuance of interactions between the participants, trying to decide who is winning and losing as it goes along, I have been tuning out until the runway show/dinner/photos when everything is done and I can see the final product. I don't know if this is me trying to be lazy even in my trashy television watching habits, or if reality television is finally losing its evil hold on me.

Nearly every episode of PR I've had to rewind because I've realized I have no clue what the challenge is (hint: make a pretty dress. out of fabric. yawn). I peek back in during Tim Gunn's comments, because, well, you know. Tim Gunn. He's funny, he's snarky and he always wears a suit. Then I watch those pretty dresses. And though I hate to admit it, I barely looked up during Tyra's antics on ANTM and even the narrative during TC has been leaving me cold.

Guess it's back to the good ol' television Drama. Once I start tuning out during Dexter though, get worried!

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themikestand said...

I'm so glad I found Top Chef. It's like Hell's Kitchen without all the regret afterwards.

You know, you could always watch Weeds -- lots of seasons to catch up on if you haven't been following it so far. Comedy, drama, ess-ee-ecks... all good stuff.

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