Tuesday, March 14, 2006

one down!

I've been working on the best friend bags and I have one knitted up! My plan now is to make...uh... 7 more. I still need to block the first one, but it looks pretty good so far. The yarn is so soft and it knits up really nicely. Because of the ribbing, I don't think the fact that my gauge is off is going to hurt much once it's blocked up.

For a secret santa this year I received the stitch n' bitch knitter's design journal. I haven't done any designing with it so far, though I have designed (well, scarves) in the past. However, I'm hoping it will motivate me to finish more projects, because there's a "Things I've Made" section that I've been using with these projects. Many years from now people will be able to look at my journal and say "wow, amy started a scarf for j in 2002, and finished it in july 2006. impressive."

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Brianna said...

you started a new blog and didn't tell me?!? bitch.

the bags look super pretty -- i'm excited to be getting one (esp since they seem reusuable! you have the most reusable bridesmaid stuff wedding yet).

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