Sunday, February 24, 2008

Observations of the Oscars

I'm not doing anything exciting for Oscar Night, except hang out with my lovely husband who has been away for a week. So I'm going to pretend that I'm a little more important than I really am and "live blog" for Oscar night so you all don't have to live in suspense about what my opinions are.

Hmm... Don't know what I think about Anne Hathaway's dress.

Bullshit that Ratatoullie won. Not that I saw any of the animated feature films, but I was rooting for Persepolis.

Wow. Charlie Chaplin in color! And talking!

And Katherine Hiegel is really nervous. Proabably because she's wearing the same dress as Anne Hathaway. Well, a prettier version of the same dress.

Don't know how I feel about Jennifer Garner's dress. Doing something weird to her boobs. Hmm....

Maybe I say hmm... too much. hmmm... something to think about.

Wow. The ROCK uses Crest Whitestrips...

TIVO is awesome when you're watching the Oscars.

Johnny Depp is hot.

Really hot.

Why does Jack Nicholson wear sunglasses all the time? Is it a thing? Should I know?

Maybe it's just a weird night for boobs. I mean, Jennifer Hudson's look strange in her dress too.

I love Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

Wow, Javier Bardem looks a lot like Jeffrey Dean Morgan. No? Just me? Okay, carry on...

Felicity grew up quite a bit. Note to self: put Waitress on Netflix queue.

Whoops. Almost fast forwarded through the bee. Thought it was an annoying commercial.

Ohhh... I really want to make these. I'm multitasking, okay?

Darn. I was just going to start a Jessica Alba is pregnant rumor (could her dress be any less figure fitting?) before I remembered that she is.

Jack Nicholson has the best seat in the house. Everyone on stage is really having a conversation with him. They all just look at him and chat.

Oh! Superdelegate joke!

The choreographing of "How Do You Know" from Enchanted kicked all the other musical nominees choreographing in the ass. Bam! Boom!

Damn. Jon, rub in the "everyone knows Jessica Alba pregnant" a little more. Really.

Awww. Marion Cotillard made me cry with her speech. I'm such a mush. And I'm even I little bummed that Ellen Page didn't win. Though I suppose she wasn't going to win with the competition.

Oh. Jack, with only tinted glasses now.

How come there is a glut of color movies up for Best Picture between 1938 and 1951? The clip of Gone With the Wind they showed was *definitely* in color.

Renee Zellweger has great legs, but she always looks squinty and not quite happy. In fact, she just looks kind of bored up there tonight.

I want Nicole Kidman's bling.

Wow. The musical category is really just an Enchanted-off, no? WOW. And they didn't even win. Sucks for them.

How cute that they let the girl (woman) that got cut off come back out again.

Yawn. I'm tired.

Does anyone else feel like they should explain to Tom Hanks that Iraq isn't in California? His introduction felt a little off to me...

Oh my gosh. Diablo Cody is adorable. And her family loves her.

Johnny Depp is still hot.

No Country for Old Men did really well tonight. I didn't see it myself, but Bri and Joe both had good things to say. Congratulations Coen brothers!

Hmm... and it was over before midnight. Was that expected/on time? At the very least it was only a half hour over time, right? Not to shabby...

Hope this wasn't too exciting for you to handle. I'm really astute in my observations, so I can only imagine this was a truly amazing Oscar blogging experience for you tonight. I hope you can sleep for the excitement of it all.


Anonymous said...

If you havent yet, add Once to the Netflix queue! It was amazingly great and diserved kicking Enchanted's butt for best song. It really made me want to move to Ireland and become a street busker.

Also I was sad that Waitress got no love.


kp said...

I really love this post. You need to start making Brianna give you my old Us weeklies -- if you do, you won't be so behind on important details like Jessica Alba's pregancy.

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