Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Blog Posts I'm Actively Not Writing

Each of the posts below is something that I have started to write about that is now sitting my my "to write" queue (in the order that I'm not writing them). Brianna is always complaining that she has nothing to write about. I am going to start the new trend of having too much to write about. So here's a look at everything you're not reading right now...

1) Everything that changes stays the same: a post about how the way we think of someone we were close to in the past stays the same, despite the fact that they evolve (and this explains the mystery of why brianna gets lots of ladybug themed gifts).

2) Books: What I'm reading, what I have been reading for the past two years, what I want to read, blah blah blah

3) Two Years Down!: About how I hit the two year mark of cancer survivorship.

4) knitting, knitting, knitting: much like #2, but with regard to knitting. Riveting I know...

5) Why I Refuse To Do Nablopomo: as you can tell, probably in queue since November, possibly December. Possibly exemplifies the #1 reason I refuse to do Nablopomo.

6) Hair Today: This is actually called Donating Hair to Charity, but I decided that was a boring title. Though, as you can tell, much more descriptive. How I cut off 13 inches of hair this summer, complete with pictures.

7) Sleepover: A play by play of a sleepover I had recently (and when I say recently, I mean October '07), reminisces of sleepovers of the past and probably a lot of foodie talk.

8) Guarana's Bad Rap: An in-depth look at guarana. Guarana awareness is a secret passion of mine. Just ask Joe.

9) 7 horses, 3 dogs and 2 mules: This is the who's who of animals that made an appearance in the Metropolitan's production of Carmen that I saw last week.

There you have it. I think of things to write, start in good faith and then peter out. Is there one that anyone is particularly interested in? Maybe some public outcry would be motivational...


Brianna said...

it's much easier to have something to write about when you only post in your blog twice a month :P.

kp said...

I vote for 9.

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